Alley Fest brings free music festival to Paintsville


PAINTSVILLE, Ky. (WYMT) – Alley Fest is back, packing Paintsville with a stacked lineup of sound.

“We went back and forth a little bit about if we were going to do it again this year. But we had a great opportunity- and great support last year- that we got some really good sponsors,” said event producer Jordan Pelfrey.

Pelfrey said the community can look forward to two days of music, free of charge, thanks to those who have supported the event.

“Especially a place that’s so rich in music and culture and all the amazing artists that came from Paintsville and surrounding Eastern Kentucky area,” he said. “It’s really nice to have that and be able to offer that to our community that deserves it.”

Pelfrey said the festival is all about celebrating community and bringing more visitors into the fold to hear the musicians- many of whom found their voices in the mountains.

“There’s not a lot of festivals like this around here, with lineups like this,” he said. “I mean, we have national touring acts and world class musicians coming to this festival.”

With headliners like Willie Watson and Ricky Skaggs, and an appearance from rising star Oliver Anthony- who has been pushing for affordable performances for concert goers- the event is expected to bring fun, food and fellowship to folks in the area.

“Things are a little hard right now, and we’re just happy we’re able to provide great entertainment and create a great festival for free,” said Pelfrey.

Senora May is also hitting the stage, bringing her Kentucky sound back to the city where her husband, Tyler Childers, graduated in 2009.

“It’s awesome to have people like her come back here to the community and provide a free and awesome show,” Pelfrey said.

Other performers include Justin Wells, Corduroy Brown, Kaleb Cebil, Shovelin Stone, Bee Taylor, Sam L. Smith, Jack Marion and the Pearl Snap Prophets, Laid Back Country Picker and The Les Masters Band.

A songwriters panel is also planned with Hannah Howard, George William Thomas, Brayden Mullins and Emily Jamerson.

The event is set to kick off October 6 and continuing October 7 to fill the weekend with music.

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