Crickets Can Help Us Curb Global Warming and Enhance Food Security: Here’s How


As climate changes and global food security deteriorate, entomophagy will become an essential practice. Crickets provide high nutritional content and have a low environmental impact, which makes them great allies in the fight against climate change.

The practice of entomophagy – humans eating insects for nutrition – has increased in popularity across the globe in recent years. Insect consumption is highest in tropical countries, where warmer climates help insects thrive, as well as in countries that face food scarcity. 

In the Western world, insect consumption has always been intended for animal feed, though the trend is slowly picking up among humans, too. Currently, meat consumption is highest in the Western world and has increased from an average 62 kilograms (kg) per capita to 96kg per capita in just half a century. The increase in meat consumption rates has severe environmental impacts, adding to the pressure to find sustainable food alternatives.