Holiday travel ramps up at Omaha’s Eppley Airfield


OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – It’s t-minus three days until Thanksgiving.

Passengers at Eppley Airfield were taking advantage of every minute they had before the holiday.

TSA is expecting this year’s travel season to be the busiest ever.

“We’re definitely excited to visit the family who we haven’t seen in over a year now,” traveler Steve Morrissey said. “It’s going to be good.”

Morrissey and his wife got to the airport early on Monday.

They planned ahead to avoid the traffic rush and construction confusion considering the airport’s pick up and drop off location has moved.

The airport has put up plenty of signs and maps to help passengers navigate the changes.

“It’s been fairly easy as long as you read the signs and follow them you shouldn’t have any issues,” Morrissey said.

This week, Eppley officials expect to see about 181,000 passengers walk through the airport.

“To give you some context, that’s 4.5 percent of passengers we saw last year,” Morrissey said.

Some days will be busier than others as the American Airport Authority expects 4.7 million people all across the nation to go through an airport this week.

“Our busiest travel days are expected to be next Monday followed by the next few days, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week,” Morrissey said.

So far, for some passengers, getting through the airport has been pretty smooth even with the crowds.

“I take the shuttle and I go to the parking lot and get dropped off and take the shuttle in because navigation is rough,” Morrissey said.

Airport officials are also asking those flying out to be patient so everyone gets to where they’re going safely this holiday season.

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