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A cargo ship stuck in Karachi’s Seaview has been put on hold by rescue teams

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A cargo ship stuck in Karachi’s Seaview has been put on hold by rescue teams:

A cargo vessel stranded on Karachi’s Seaview Beach was pulled from the water Wednesday, according to Geo News.

After a barge arrived late, the operation was halted, according to those who were in command, who also stated that if necessary it would be restarted tomorrow.

On Tuesday, 20 days after it was first trapped, a rescue effort was launched to free the vessel.


Opinions of experts on shipping:

It is believed that assistance should have been requested considerably earlier in the process of detaining a ship, according to shipping experts

A ship that has not been abandoned by its owner or crew members cannot be taken into custody by Karachi port officials, according to experts.

En outre, authorities would need a court order if the ship were to be taken into custody for a different reason such as to pay off debts.

According to the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Maritime Affairs, Mahmood Moulvi, custody can be sought if an issue is identified on board the ship.

According to Moulvi, “there is a legislation that prevents the ship from being removed until the money spent on the ship’s security has been paid, as well as any outstanding debts have been satisfied.”



Ownership of the ship:

Recently, the Pakistani authorities seized the vessel Heng Tong 77, notifying the international community in writing.

An official government announcement claimed that the ship had been seized in compliance with the Pakistan Merchant Ordinance (PMO).

Heng Tong 77 is deemed inappropriate for use in marine operations by specialists, according to the announcement.


There is a cargo ship at Seaview Beach:

According to the Karachi port Trust, the Panama-registered MV Heng Tong 77 drifted towards the shore after losing its anchors due to rough seas off the coast of Karachi on July 21. In Pakistani territorial seas, the vessel was anchored for a crew change.

Before being dragged away, the cargo ship remained stranded at Karachi’s Seaview Beach for more than one week.

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