COVID-19 Epidemic Spread in Pakistan

COVID-19 Epidemic Spread in Pakistan! Abstract: As a result of a pneumonia outbreak that began in Wuhan, China, in December of this year, the corona virus is now spreading swiftly to other nations outside of Wuhan. When the World Health Organization (WHO) classified the outbreak to be PHEIC 6 on January 30, 2020, and declared […]

Delta Variants Become Dominant Because of What Reasons

Because of the Delta strain, Los Angeles County is once again requiring masks to be worn indoors regardless of vaccination status.   If experts predicted which variant of coronavirus would take over the globe, the Delta would not have been their first devination. However, the high contagious version became the prevalent strain of this virus […]

India approves the first DNA Covid vaccination in the world

A DNA vaccine against Covid-19 has been licenced by India’s medicinal authorities for emergency use. After receiving three doses of ZycoV-D vaccine, 66 percent of individuals immunised were free of clinical disease, according to an interim research by vaccine maker Cadila Healthcare A total of 120 million doses of the country’s second home-grown vaccine are […]

Pakistan representators in Tokoyo Olympics 2021

BISMA KHAN: In Tokyo, he will compete in the 50m freestyle swimming event. During the 2019 South Asian Games, Bisma won silver in the 200m freestyle. At the 2018 Asian Games and World Aquatics Championship, she represented Pakistan.

At the National Stadium of Japan, the Tokyo Olympics are planned to begin on July 23. For the 32nd time, the huge multi-sports event will take place in Japan’s capital, Tokyo. As a result, Japan will be the first city in Asia to host the Summer Olympics twice, following the 1964 Olympics. There will be […]

World Third Best Cryptocurrency 2021

Why are economists concerned about tether, the world’s 3rd-largest cryptocurrency? Tether is the world’s third largest market capitalization cryptocurrency. And this has affected some economists, including a US Federal Reserve official. Last month, Eric Rosengren, President of Boston Fed, warned about the threat to financial stability. Meanwhile, other investors are concerned that tether loss might […]

A New Deal for Palestine’s Financial Situation

After the COVID-19 economic blow and Israel’s latest war, it’s critical to boost the Palestinian economy. IMF should acknowledge Palestine’s economic development over the past quarter-century, and provide it a financial New Deal with improved status to begin with. THE CITY OF JERUSALEM It is now up to us to secure a realistic road toward […]

A cargo ship stuck in Karachi’s Seaview has been put on hold by rescue teams

A cargo ship stuck in Karachi’s Seaview has been put on hold by rescue teams: A cargo vessel stranded on Karachi’s Seaview Beach was pulled from the water Wednesday, according to Geo News. After a barge arrived late, the operation was halted, according to those who were in command, who also stated that if necessary […]

Taliban supporters?

It’s not clear which Taliban elements will be in charge now that the Taliban are back in power. Friends and neighbours of Afghanistan must identify and encourage the more moderate leaders of the group.   Although Kabul had been captured, and the Afghan government had crumbled, the days and nights that followed were unusually peaceful. […]

Turkey Forest on Fire

Recep Tayyip Erdoan announced late July that 196 wildfires had been put out, while 12 were still burning around the country on the tenth day. Then came the news that two major fires in Manavgat and Gündomuş had been put out, one of which was the most destructive. Water bomber planes and drones continue to […]

What is Social Media Marketing and SMM Panels?

In the process, Social Media Marketing Services assist companies in increasing their marketing reach, attracting new audiences, and generating amazing sales. Buy Facebook likes, Twitter followers, Instagram fans, YouTube views and subscriptions at the lowest possible price with‘s SMM services. Is it getting tiresome to search for the cheapest SMM panel companies? SMM services […]